Additions to the vascular flora of Mongolia - IV




New records, endemic, sub-endemic, phyto-geographical region, vascular flora, Mongolia


The article presents updates on the new species recorded in the “Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Mongolia” (Urgamal et al. 2014), and three articles published “Additions to the Vascular Flora of Mongolia – I, II, III (2013, 2014, 2016)” listed as new for the Mongolian floristic novelties and reported as well. The aim of this article is to officially report new records for vascular plants from Mongolia, and this includes the data in total, 28 species (with 2 infraspecies) from 19 genera and 12 families. In addition, Cerastium alpinum, Dianthus repens, Draba alpina, Eritrichium tianschanicum, Gastrolychnis violascens, Iris oxypetala, Papaver chakassicum, Papaver lapponicum, Potentilla turczaninowiana, Stellaria depressa (10 species) were newly recorded in the list of vascular flora of Mongolia. The newly added species come under the following families and genera: Caryophyllaceae (5 species), Ranunculaceae (4 species), and Rosaceae (4 species) families and Potentilla (4 species), Geranium (3 species), and Iris (3 species) genera. The most recent additions to the following phyto-geographical regions of Mongolia are: Mongolian Altai (9 species), Khovd (7 species), and Khangai (6 species) regions.
At present, 3191 taxa (including 134 subspecies and 34 varieties) of vascular plants, representing over 684 genera from 108 families, 39 orders, 12 classes, includes 5 divisions, and 3 superclades (Ferns, Gymnospermae and Angiospermae) are registered in Mongolia. Since the last conspectus (Urgamal et al. 2014) was published, 1genera, 64 species and subspecies have been newly added to the flora of Mongolia. The newly recorded 5 species are “endemic“and 9 species are “sub-endemic” to Mongolia. Therefore, currently a total of 125 species (3.91%) are “endemic”, and 532 species (16.65%) are “sub-endemic” to the vascular flora of Mongolia, respectively.


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M, U., V, G., Sh, B., B, O., D, D., & T, M.-E. (2019). Additions to the vascular flora of Mongolia - IV. Proceedings of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, 59(2), 41–53.