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Vol 17, No 43 (2016) A brief review on Triazin-pyridazinones: Synthesis and biological activities Abstract   PDF
M Asif
Vol 13 (2012) A new humic acid remedy with addition of silver nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
GP Alexandrova, G Dolmaa, E Enkhbadral, GL Grishenko, Sh Tserenpil, BG Sukhov, D Regdel, BA Trofimov
Vol 12 (2011) Activated carbons from Mongolian coals by thermal treatment Abstract   PDF
A Ariunaa, J Narangerel, B Purevsuren, R Erdenechimeg
Vol 12 (2011) Adsorption kinetics for the removal of copper(II) from aqueous solution by adsorbent PSTM-3T Abstract   PDF
G Burmaa, O Nasantogtokh, N Narantsogt, A Perlee-Oidov
Vol 18, No 44 (2017) Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions by pyrolusite ore Abstract   PDF
Nizamettin Demirkıran, G D Turhan Özdemir, M Saraç, M Dardağan
Vol 12 (2011) Alkaloids from cultivated plant of Peganum harmala L. Abstract   PDF
S Javzan, D Selenge, Y Jamyansan, J Nadmid, Yu Ouynbileg
Vol 16 (2015) Alkaloids from Mongolian species of Peganum multisectum (Maxim) Bobrov Abstract   PDF
S. Javzan, D. Selenge, N. Amartuvshin, D. Nedelcheva, V Christov, S. Philipov
Vol 16 (2015) Alkaloids from Sedum telephium L. Abstract   PDF
Ya. Gerelt-Od, A Solongo, S. Javzan, S. Philipov, D. Selenge
Vol 15 (2014) Analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ether and tetrabromobisphenol A in plastic samples in Mongolia Abstract   PDF
B Bayarmaa, T Gan-Erdene, Roland Weber, L Jargalsaikhan
Vol 15 (2014) Antioxidant activity of probiotic lactic acid bacteria isolated from Mongolian airag Abstract   PDF
E Uugantsetseg, B Batjargal
Vol 15 (2014) Antioxidant properties of pancreatic hydrolysates from various protein sources Abstract   PDF
M Bayarjargal, Ts Ariunsaikhan, E Lkhagvamaa, B Ankhtsetseg, T Gan-Erdene, D Regdel
Vol 17, No 43 (2016) Anti-oxidative, acetylcholinesterase and pancreatic lipase inhibitory activities of compounds from Dasiphora fruticosa, Myricaria alopecuroides and Sedum hybridum Abstract   PDF
Odontuya G
Vol 15 (2014) Antioxidative activity of Silibum marianum cultivated in Mongolia Abstract   PDF
J Ganbaatar, O Tamir, E Lkhagvamaa, A Tsiiregzen, J Oyuntsetseg, M Bayarjargal
Vol 18, No 44 (2017) Arsenic occurrence in water bodies in Kharaa river basin Abstract   PDF
Azzaya T, Burmaa G, S Alen, Narangarav T, Nyamdelger Sh
Vol 17, No 43 (2016) Arsenic removal from waste water by ozone oxidation combined with ferric precipitation Abstract   PDF
Otgon N, G Zhang, C Yang
Vol 12 (2011) Bioactive phenolic acids from Scorzonera radiata Fisch. Abstract   PDF
N Tsevegsuren, P Proksch, Y Wang, G Davaakhuu
Vol 15 (2014) Biocatalytic properties of horseradish root extract peroxidase (HRP) Abstract   PDF
D Purev, J Bayarmaa, S Tsevelmaa, A Zolzaya
Vol 12 (2011) Biochemical Study of Mumijo in Uvs province, Mongolia Abstract   PDF
J Sukhdolgor, D Orkhonselenge
Vol 13 (2012) Biochemical study on the meat and oil of Mongolian fishes Abstract   PDF
B Chantsalnyam, Ch Otgonbayar, P Odonmajig, N Tsevegsuren
Vol 15 (2014) Biological reduction of hexavalent chromium and mechanism analysis of detoxification by enterobacter sp. HT1 isolated from tannery effluents, Mongolia Abstract   PDF
N Marjangul, J Enkh-Amgalan, Zongfang Lei, Zhenya Zhang
Vol 18, No 44 (2017) Biosorption of lead (II) from an aqueous solution using biosorbents prepared from water plants Abstract   PDF
Tseveendorj E, Enkhdul T, S Lin, Dorj D, Oyungerel Sh, Soyol-Erdene T.O
Vol 13 (2012) Catalase, protease and urease activity in some types of soil Abstract   PDF
D Purev, J Bayarmaa, B Ganchimeg, B Ankhtsetseg, O Anumandal
Vol 12 (2011) Characterisation of fly ashes from 4th Thermal Power Station of Ulaanbaatar city and its applicability for a zeolite synthesis Abstract   PDF
J Temuujin, A Minjigmaa, B Davaabal, Z Ochirbat
Vol 14 (2013) Characterization of ash pond ashes from 3rd thermal power plant by SEM/EDX and XRD methods Abstract   PDF
A Minjigmaa, Ts Zolzaya, E Bayanjargal, B Davaabal, J Temuujin
Vol 17, No 43 (2016) Characterization of Mongolian natural minerals and their application for heavy metal adsorbent Abstract   PDF
Munkhbat D, K Shiomori, Ochirkhuyag B
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