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A., Choijamts, School of Agroecology, MULS
A., Ulaankhuu, State Central Veterinary Laboratory
Adyasuren, G, Plant protection research institute
Alimaa, D, School of veterinary science and biotechnology, MSUA
Altaev, Aleksandr A, Chair of Silviculture and Forest Management, Buryat State Academy of Agriculture
Altanchimeg, A, Institute of veterinary medicine
Altanchimeg, A, Institute of Veterinary Medicine, MULS
Altangerel, D, The school of Biological resource and management, MSUA
Altangoo, G, Plant Science and Agricultural Research Training Institute
Altantsetseg, Kh, Biotechnologycal and breeding department of Biological Resource and Management School, Mongolian State University of Agriculture
Altantuya, D, The School of Economics and Business, MSUA
Amartaivan, Ts, National University of Mongolia, Center for Nuclear Research
Andrei, S, School of veterinary medicine, MULS
Andrei, S, The school of Veterinary medicine, MULS
Ariunaa, O, Plant Protection Research Institute
Ariunaa, S, Mongolian University of Life Science
Ariunaa, Ts, The school of Veterinary Medicine, MULS
Ariungerel, M, Institute of Plant and Agricultural Sciences, MULS
Ariunjargal, G, Mongolian State University of Agriculture
Ay, N V, Биотехнологи, үржүүлгийн тэнхим, МААБС, ХААИС болон Кантогийн их сургуулийн ХАА-н коллеж, БНВУ
Azzaya, T, Plant Protection Research Institute


B., Bayar-Enkh, Institute of veterinary medicine, MULS
B., Munkhtogtokh, Research institute of animal husbandry, MULS
B., Tuvshin, Institute of veterinary medicine, MULS
Baasandorj, Ya, Institute of Geography-Geoecology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

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