No 14 (2007)

Table of Contents


Foreword No.14 2007 PDF
The Editor 3


Increasing Role of Nuclear weapon free Zones: Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Michael Hamel-Green 4-26
Mongolia’s efforts toward peace and stability in North East Asia PDF
P Ochirbat 27-31
Single-State NWFZs – a response to NWFZ blind spots PDF
J Enkhsaikhan 32-36
A Draft Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty: A Basis for Discussion PDF
Hiromichi Umebayashi 37-42
Mongolia and the Nuclear Age PDF
J Enkhsaikhan 43-50
The Key Elements of the Draft Treaty Establishing Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone PDF
Kumao Kaneko 51-57
Second Generation Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone: Mixing Noble Ideas and Hard Reality PDF
Hiromichi Umebayashi 58-63
Confidence building measures – necessary component establishing Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the region PDF
Alexander Nemov 64-67
Elimination of nuclear war threat is the Precondition of Abolition of Nuclear Weapons PDF
Kang Mun Ryol 68-70
Korean Peninsula Nuclear Challenges: The Imperative of Regional Cooperative Security Solutions PDF
Wade L Huntley 71-87
Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone - Necessity and Challenges PDF
Akira Kawasaki 88-95
Disarmament and Non-Nuclear Stability in Tomorrow's World PDF
Christopher A Ford 96-101
Limited Nuclear Weapons Free Zone-Northeast Asia: Overview PDF
Bernard Gourley 102-105
The Limited Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in Northeast Asia: Is It Feasible? PDF
Cheon Seongwhun 106-115